Anonymous said: your FAQ doesn't seem to work

It seems to me like every theme always has some shitty flaw to it and the flaw to this one is that it doesn’t support Page Links. Oddly enough, you can reach the FAQs page through the sidebar link. I’m basically telling you to click that until I fix this.

Fun Fact: U-Bomb posts receive the most notes. Bitches love U-Bomb.

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You can now listen to A Pink while reading this blog. Enjoy ~ ♥

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I just changed the theme for you ladies with over 9000px for resolutions.

Do you like it? I wont change it if you don’t.

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zzutto said: hey, im grace and im new here. do you do follow backs if asked? i understand that some people dislike being asked this.

Nope. I only follow similar blogs or blogs that will be useful to me in the future.

If you’re asking if I follow back on my personal blog, no I don’t. I follow enough people.

Anonymous said: Hiiii~~ I was wondering if you're thinking of changing the theme.. It's just because the letters in the images are so tiny and when I want to read I always have to open a new tab :s Anyways its ok if you don't change it since I dont really mind, its just a suggestionn ahah GREAT TUMBLR btw! Blockb FTW :p

Thanks for bringing this up. I have no problems on my end since I’m using a laptop and my resolution isn’t HUGE. I’ll try to find a decent theme as soon as possible.

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